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5d Upgrade - Send us the canvas

5d Upgrade - Send us the canvas

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Select your own white canvas for us to give a 5d upgrade. Style yourself in whatever makes you feel best. Make sure it fits well and you already love it. We want to give it even more love and help it be as potent of an activation for you as possible. This option allows you to be a part of this co-creation and provide the blank canvas for our artists to paint for you. We suggest you consider doing multiple pieces for a complete look of 2-3 matching elements. Each piece is given a 5d upgrade!

Please select bright white 100% cotton items when possible.

Please use these parameters to select your item(s)

1.  Color - Bright white is best and most vibrant. Dull white / off white will not shine in the same way as bright white items.

2. Material

- No fur / faux fur (paint gets clumpy and risks not staying soft *trust us

-No rain jackets or plastic based material

-Polyester - can fade easily over time, low vibrational fabric

2.  Style - Be you! This is the fun part. Let your unique-ness shine with a truly one of a kind outfit.

Special terms - There are no refunds on custom orders as they are made with abstract art with your energy in mind. We hope you love your items.  Shipping charged at check out will be applied to the shipping of the final painted product back to you. After initial purchase, you will receive shipping instructions to mail your item to us. Postage for sending your item to us will be at buyer's expense. If you have any questions please contact us :)

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